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An online angle calculator is a simple tool for calculating angle measurements with limited information given. Aside from defining the angles, it is also created to convert between the angle-measuring units.

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The most used and popular units of angel conversions are presented for quick and free access.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Angle Calculator?

In geometry, the angle is defined as a figure formed by two rays that cross at their start or endpoint. This metric is usually counted in degrees, rarer in radians. The online triangle calculator can also provide the angle measurements in gradians, turns, minutes of arc, and other units.

People need to know angles to construct buildings, create furniture, build machines, road construction, and so many more spheres. Every professional working in construction and engineering can prove there`s no way to fulfill a quality project without measuring angles as this will compromise the security of the building.

How to Calculate Angle Measures?

There are several ways to calculate angles manually. One of them presupposes finding the total of all the interior angles of the polygon using the formula (n-2) 180, where n is the number of sides. Let`s take a triangle. The measure of all its interior angles is 180°= (3-2) 180.

Next, divide the total by the number of angles on the polygon: 180:3= 60° This formula works for regular triangles only. With an irregular triangle, subtract the angle measure you know from the total.

How to Use the Triangle Calculator?

To use the angle measure calculator, you need to have at least some information given and follow the instruction below:

  • Type in the length of the polygon sides if you know any.
  • Type in the given angle measure.
  • Select the unit you want your result in.
  • Click the Calculate button and get the answer.

We guarantee 100% accuracy of the result. Also, you can convert the angle measure from degrees to radians and vice versa.