Energy Converter

Whenever we need to calculate energy, we can use an energy calculator. This online tool allows converting between different energy units as well as calculating the amount of energy we need to do a specific job.

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The most used and popular units of energy conversions are presented for quick and free access.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Energy?

Energy is defined as the ability to perform work in physics. It’s a quantitative property you pass on to an object or body to make it move. The energy is calculated in dozens of units, yet those we come across most often in our daily life include watt-hour, kilocalorie, and Joule.

Energy conversion and calculation are required in many spheres of life. People calculate energy consumption to plan their monthly expenses on bills. Energy calculation is also essential in machine-building industry, energetics, power stations, and other spheres.

How to Calculate Energy?

To know the amount of energy, you need to have the power and time given. With these metrics, use the formula E=Pt, where E is the energy in Joules, P – power in kiloWatts, and t is time in hours. For instance, E=150kWt*3h=450J.

The energy conversion calculator also allows transformation between different energy units. All you need to do this is to know the conversion factor. The latter depends on the units between which you want to convert. Just multiply the units given by the conversion factor to get the result.

How to Use the Energy Converter?

The energy unit conversion is super simple and fast with an online conversion tool, as it requires only a few steps to complete. You`ll find a detailed instructions below:

  1. Select the energy units given from the drop-down list.
  2. Choose the units that you want to get your results in.
  3. Type in the value that is you have.
  4. Click the Calculate button to complete the conversion process.

The results you receive are 100% accurate and can be trusted.