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Radiation can be measured with the help of a variety of units, as well as different other metrics. To cope with them all and always get error-free results, use a modern convenient radiation activity calculator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Radiation Activity?

The first tool for the determination of the intensity of ionizing radiation was an ordinary electroscope or electrometer. As the first standard, a sealed ampoule with 1 mg of radium was introduced in practice.

The activity of other substances was compared with this milligram equivalent of radium. Thus, it was the first unit but not the last one. Other options have appeared creating a need for radiation activity unit conversions for different measurements.

How to Calculate Radiation Activity?

The milligram equivalent of radium has certain drawbacks in measurements, so the scientists switched to the concept of activity, which corresponds to the number of decays per specified time.

The standard remained the same but a new unit was introduced. It was named curie and was equal to the decay of 3.7*1010 atoms.

However, later it was replaced by Becquerel. It means such activity level that leads to one decay per second.

How to Use the Radiation Activity Converter?

When you open a radiation activity conversion calculator in your browser, you will easily find the corresponding calculator in the radiology section.

What are the steps of conversion?

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Open the page with the Radiation Activity Converter;
  • Select the required units for the sections From and To;
  • Enter the exact number above the From section;
  • Click the Convert button and get your error-free result instantly on the same page.

Is this tool free?

There are no limits to the possible amount of actions in this tool, as well as there is no need to provide any personal data or create an account.