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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Moment of Inertia?

In physics, inertia means the ability of a body to maintain a given state when there are no external forces that influence it.

As for the moment of inertia, it is a bit more difficult and measures the inertia of a body in case of a rotational motion. It is designated by the letter J and measured in kilograms multiplied by a square meter (m2) as standard units.

As for the exact moment of inertia conversion formula, it will depend on the chosen units, such as grams for mass or cm2 for radius.

How to Calculate Moment of Inertia?

Physics utilizes a general equation to calculate the moment of inertia of a given body. They imagine that it consists of some tiny parts with a mass dm, sum up these elementary masses and multiply by the square of the distance to the rotation axis.

J =ʃ r2dm

However, if we consider some material object with mass m, which is rotating around an axis at a distance r, this equation looks as follows:

J = mr2

Thus, the resulting value will be obtained in kg x m2.

How to Use the Moment of Inertia Converter?

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