Speed Converter

With an online speed calculator, one can determine how fast a person or object moves. All you have to know is the length covered and the time spent. Simplicity, swiftness, and accuracy of the calculations - that`s what you get with this tool.

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The most used and popular units of speed conversions are presented for quick and free access.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Speed?

Speed is defined as the distance covered within a unit of time. Like some other metrics, it can be measured in imperial (e.g. inches, yards, or miles), metric (like kilometers, meters), and nautical units, which include nautical miles and nautical leagues.

Doing such measurements is typically required to predict the time when people, cars or other objects reach their endpoint. For instance, we need to know the speed of a car to understand how soon it reaches point B after leaving point A.

How to Calculate Speed?

The calculation is super easy if you know the formula and have the required data. The two values that you should know to determine how fast a person or an object moves with an average speed calculator are length and time.

Having these values at hand, you can also calculate this metric manually with the formula V=S/t. V is for speed, S is the distance, and t is time. For instance, V=450km/5h=90km/h.

The speed conversion calculator also allows switching between different units. So the same formula may work for any type of them. Check it out. V=250mi/5h=50mi/h.

How to Use Speed Converter?

With minimum information and zero experience with such a tool, you`ll have no trouble using an online speed converter. Just follow this step-by-step instruction:

  • Choose the units you want/need;
  • Type in the given distance;
  • Specify the time spent to cover this distance;
  • Click the calculation button to receive the answer.

You`ll get the result almost instantly. Also, you can change converter settings to get the results in imperial, metrical or naval units.