Magnetic Field Strength Converter

Magnetic field power is represented by the sign "B" and is calculated in units of tesla (T) in the SI. It symbolizes the force encountered by a unit magnetic pole positioned at a straightforward matter in the magnetic area.

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The most used and popular units of magnetic field strength conversions are presented for quick and free access.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magnetic Field Strength?

Magnetic Field Strength Conversion, also understood as magnetized area power or magnetic flux, is the rudimentary metric employed to quantify the power of a magnetic specialization.

It calculates the pressure working on magnetic fabric placed in flux per unit space. Magnetic field muscle is essential in comprehending the conduct of appeals and their effect on enveloping objects.

Uses and applications:

  • Physics;
  • Engineering;
  • Geophysics;
  • Medical imaging.

How to Calculate Magnetic Field Strength?

The Magnetic field strength unit conversion (B) can be computed employing the next instructions:

B = μ * H


  • B = Magnetic field force (T);
  • μ = Magnetic permeability of the medium (calculated in T•m/A);
  • H = Magnetized field power (A/m).

The magnetic permeability (μ) counts on the kind of fabric and can be a constant or vary with the magnetic field power.

How to Use the Magnetic Field Strength Converter?

Observe the instructions down to employ magnetic field strength converter:

  • Specify the unit of measure, and note the value to be transformed;
  • Push the button for computations to catch the result.

Can I use the converter for educational purposes or research work?

Indeed! The magnetic field strength calculator is perfect for academic use, research tasks, and scientific investigations concerning magnetic areas.

Is the magnetic field strength converter accurate?

Our converter supplies objective transformations between magnetic field strength divisions. But reviewing whether you have joined the correct data for the analyses is also necessary.