Surface Tension Converter

Surface tension is the characteristic of liquids that results in the reduction of fluids’ surface; surface area, minimizing their area. This phenomenon is due to cohesive forces between fluid molecules. It enables objects of higher density, insects, to float on the liquid surface. Simultaneously, it resists the adhesion of the liquid to solid surfaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Surface Tension Converter?

The calculator is an online tool that allows the conversion of surface tension units from one to another. Using this tool is effortless. It saves you from performing manual calculations and saves time.

How to Calculate Surface Tension?

The following formula can calculate surface tension:

Surface Tension= F/L

Where F refers to the force applied on the surface of the fluid, it can be drag force, i.e., the force experienced by any object as it moves through the fluid. And L is the length or distance along with the force being applied.

In the case of a curved liquid surface, the formula for the surface tension is:

Surface Tension= ΔP/R

Here ΔP is the difference in pressure across the liquid surface and R is the radius of the curved surface.

The standard international unit of surface tension is N/m(newton per meter). Other units include dyn/cm(dyne per centimeter) or N/cm(newton per centimeter).

How to Use the Surface Tension Calculator?

To convert the units, follow these steps.

  • Enter the surface tension value in the left input box;
  • Select the unit from the drop-down menu;
  • Select the desired unit you want to convert your value into;
  • Click “Convert”.

Which Units Can Be Converted Using This Converter?

This converter allows conversions between many units including newton per meter(N/m), newton per centimeter(N/cm), and dyne per centimeter(dyn/cm).

How Accurate Is Surface Tension Converter?

The converter is highly accurate. Our calculator is based on reliable algorithms and performs precise conversions.