Magnetic Flux Converter

Magnetic flux is a physical quantity that is used to describe the magnetic field handing through a particular texture. It is one of the fundamental conceptions of electromagnetism and recreates an essential part of magnetic splendors.

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The most used and popular units of magnetic flux conversions are presented for quick and free access.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magnetic Flux?

Magnetic instability is a positive amount if the magnetic area lines mean from the knowledge of the cover exterior and a harmful quantity if they suggest from the outside to the inside of the surface.

Where it is most often used:

  • Electromagnetic strategies;
  • Electronics;
  • Physics;
  • Industriousness.

Magnetic flux conversion is a crucial metric that allows us to comprehend and explain the magnetic possessions of textiles and machines, essential to different science and engineering areas.

How to Calculate Magnetic Flux?

The formula for figuring is as tracks:

Φ = ∫∫B * dA


  • Φ - magnetic fluctuation through the texture A;
  • B - vector of Magnetized inauguration (tesla);
  • dA - surface element introduced vertically to its scope and directed inside the secure area.

For straightforward cases where the Magnetized area is homogeneous, the above instructions and illustration can be employed to figure the Magnetized flux; other formula already apply when the area is inhomogeneous.

How to Use the Magnetic Flux Converter?

Follow these uses a magnetic flux calculator:

  • Enter the measure to be converted;
  • Click the Calculate button to see the outcome.

Is the magnetic flux converter accurate?

Our magnetic flux converter provides a precise modification of magnetic flux units. However, we recommend double-checking the recalculated values for necessary applications.

What units of magnetic flux can be converted with the Converter?

Our Converter keeps a broad spectrum of units for converting magnetic flux, including Wb, Mx, Tm², Gcm², and more valuable.