Power Converter

A power calculator is a helpful tool that comes in handy when we need to determine the work done by a person or object within a specific amount of time. To calculate this metric, you need to know the energy and time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Power?

When calculating the quantity of work completed by a person or object in a given amount of time, a power calculator is a useful tool. You must know the energy and the time in order to compute this metric.

Power is defined in physics as the quantity of energy transported or converted in a given unit of time. In other words, it tracks the rate at which work is completed.

This metric is measured in watts, kilowatts, megawatts, and other quantities.

Every facet of our existence involves power, especially electric power. We charge our smartphones with electric power, cook food, keep it fresh in the fridge, drive electric cars and watch TV.

How to Calculate Power?

The power conversion calculator allows making calculations almost instantly. However, you can also determine the power with a formula provided that you have the time and energy given.

Here it is P=E/t, where P is power, E is energy in Joules, and t – time in seconds.

Here’s a simple example: P=986000/7200=136.9Watt.

With this formula, you can determine which machine or object is more efficient. This, you’ll be able to complete work within a smaller amount of time.

If calculating electric power, P=I*V, where I is current in Amps, and V is voltage in Volts.

How to Use the Power Calculator?

Every Internet user can benefit from the simplicity and accuracy of the power converter.

All you need to do to get the result you are seeking, is to have at least two metrics given and follow the instruction below.

  • Type in the voltage value and pick the unit;
  • Type in the current value and select the units;
  • Specify the unit you want your results in;
  • Click the power unit conversion button.