Length Converter

The conversion between the imperial and metric distance units is precisely what the length calculator is designed for. This free online tool allows instant conversion between the most common length units, including millimeters, inches, feet, and about a dozen more.

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The most used and popular units of length conversions are presented for quick and free access.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Length?

Length is the very thing that helps us calculate the size of an object from one end to the other.

Basically, we need to know the length of almost everything, like a new pair of jeans to fit our height or the length of the fence you need to paint. Otherwise, we risk buying the wrong size or lacking paint to complete your project.

The unit of measurement for a distance might vary depending on the nation: meters, kilometers, feet, yards, and miles.Yet, with the length conversion tool, it’s not a problem.

How to Calculate Length Measures?

The online conversion length tool makes it easy to switch between different units due to the simple formulas that vary depending on the units used. Take a look at examples of the transformation of kilometers into miles and back.

To change kilometers to miles, multiply the given by 0.621371. The latter is how many miles 1 kilometer contains.

For example, we have 5 km to convert: 5x0.621371=3.1 miles.

To switch back, divide miles by 0.621371 like this 3.1:0.621371=5 km.

When doing distance conversion between centimeters and feet, multiply the given in centimeters by 0.0328.

How to Use the Length Calculator?

Even with zero experience in using such calculators, you’ll have no trouble navigating the online converter. Anyway, this step-by-step instruction may come in handy.

  • Select the measurement unit you have as a given;
  • Select the unit you’d like your results in;
  • Type in the given distance;
  • Click the conversion button.

As simple as that! The converter allows switching between units even after the calculation is done.