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The Specific Fuel Unit Converter is an online, free service that lets you convert between different fuel consumption units. The online converter is used to convert the fuel consumption measurement units. Volume flow, the amount gas, steam or gas passing in a given time period, is measured by a unit of measurement, for example m3/min.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fuel Consumption Converter?

The fuel consumption, or more specifically the specific fuel usage of a particular car is the amount that fuel is consumed. It is usually based on distance, but for certain equipment mounted to a base car it can also be derived by calculating the fuel consumption hourly. In order to compare, fuel consumption parameters can be normalized.

At present, this is an important characteristic of car engines and cars, particularly in Europe. In the long history of automotive production, car manufacturers from around the world solved the problem of fuel consumption.

Following the oil crunch that occurred in the early 1970 s, which was a result of an increase in the cost of oil, fuel and petroleum products, the buyer 's preference for a particular car is based on its specific fuel consumption.

How to Calculate Fuel Consumption Calculator

Calculate the fuel consumption rate for a vehicle using this formula

Qn = (0.01 x Hs) x(S + (0.01 x D x 1)

We know that:

  • Car mileage per month - 76 km(S);
  • According to Ministry of Transport's (Hs), the recommended fuel consumption rate is 8.2 L/100 km;
  • If the company used the car within Texas in February of 2022 then allowances (D) are applicable;
  • 25% for drivers in cities between 1 - 5 million residents;
  • 10% of the winter conditions are applicable to this area;
  • Sparrow’ s average fuel consumption per 100 km is Qn = (0.01 x 8 l / 76 km) x (1 + 0, 01 x 25 + 10), which equals 8.4132 liters;
  • Automatically calculate on the waybill in accordance with the norms taking into account the correction factors.

Calculate the average fuel consumption of a bus.

Formula for fuel consumption calculation of buses:

Qn= 0.01 x HS x Sx (1 + 0.01% x D)+ Hot x T

Calculation example:

  • March bus mileage (S) - 330km;
  • The Ministry of Transport recommends a base fuel consumption of 35.2 l / 100 km;
  • Driving the heater for an average of 108 total hours per month;
  • The heating system on the bus consumes, according to manufacturer estimates, up to four litres of diesel an hour;
  • As the March 2023 bus delivered workers to their workplace, we have to apply allowances (D);
  • 15 % Winter surcharge in the Region;
  • 15% – work in settlements of between 250 thousand and one million people;
  • 10 % of the time is spent on frequent technical stops related to boarding and debarking passengers.

Fuel standard consumption per bus is expected to be as follows in March of 2023

Qn= 0.01x35.2l/100 km x 330 km x(1 + 0.01 x(15 + 15 + 10) + 4 l / h x108 hours = 594.624.

How to Use the Fuel Consumption Converter?

  • Use the Fuel Consumption converter. Use the Fuel Consumption Converter;
  • The drop-down list to the right allows you to select the correct unit;
  • As an example, you can enter 15 as the value in the From Left field;
  • It will show the box that contains it and also what result is displayed;
  • In the Field To, enter the value and the results will be displayed on the fields Results and From.

What units can be converted with the online Fuel Consumption Converter?

Vehicles can have fuel consumption indicator. The fuel consumption indicator can be assigned with the surprise that corresponds to gasoline usage in liters for every 100 km if it is converted to a unit of 100 km. Use: The fuel consumption convertor can be put to two distinct uses.

You are looking to buy an used car from a country that measures fuel consumption by liters per 100 kilometers. In order to understand the fuel consumption of an engine in a typical calculation enter the value in the respective field. For example, a car consumes 3.5 imperial gallons per 100 miles. Put the number 3 in the quiet area (you can use a handy separator on the right side). Click Enter.

If you know how much fuel the vehicle consumes over a particular distance, then you can choose how many kilometers it will take to fill up. In this case, the fuel flow is 11l/100km. Enter that value in Liter per 100km, and then press Enter. In the Km/liter box, enter the number to determine how many km you can travel on one liter.

How accurate are fuel consumption converters?

For a fuel consumption calculation, divide the fuel usage by the distance traveled and multiply this number by 100. For example, if the car used 28-liters of gas for 200 kilometers on the road, the calculation would be: 28/200x100=14 l/100km.