Magnetic Flux Density Converter

Magnetic flux density, like understood as magnetic domain power or inauguration, is a metric that calculates the ability of a magnetic domain at a precise moment in length. It represents the amount of flux given through a unit area vertical to the movement of the magnetic area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magnetic Flux Density?

Comprehending and calculating magnetic installation permits us to develop and research a combination of instruments and fabrics related to magnetic possessions.

Magnetic Flux Density Conversion is represented by the mark B and is a vector amount, indicating it has both volume and movement.

This portion has some spaces where it is employed:

  • Electromagnetic instruments;
  • Magnetic properties of textiles;
  • Electromagnetic compatibility;
  • Magnetic resonance tomography;
  • Geophysics;
  • Navigation;
  • Particle gas pedals.

How to Calculate Magnetic Flux Density?

The magnetic flux viscosity (B) can be figured from instructions relating the Φ to the Transverse dimensions (A) through which the magnetic field passes. The procedure for transforming the MFD is as follows:

B = Φ / A


  • B - magnetical flux density in T;
  • Φ - Magnetized flux in Wb;
  • A - Orthogonal thing vertical to the area inm².

How to Use the Magnetic Flux Density Converter?

Complete the pursuit of reasonable Convert magnetic flux density:

  • Write the importance to be figured out and pick the Gauge;
  • The converter will automatically make the mathematics and display the outcomes.

Can a Magnetic Flux Density Converter be used for educational purposes?

Indeed! The magnetic flux density calculator is a valuable education resource for learners, investigators, creators, and anyone who works with magnetism. It facilitates unit transformations and enables provide exact computations.