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Angular velocity also comprehended as rotational speed, is a metric that calculates how quickly a thing revolves around a set pinpoint or axis. It defines how fast a thing modifies its angular place over a term. Angular velocity is a vector amount indicated by the mark "ω" (omega).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Velocity Angular?

Angular velocity is usually figured in the SI's radians per second (rad/s). Nevertheless, grades per second (°/s) are generally employed to compute angular velocity.

Typically, angular velocity is a fundamental concept that describes rotational motion and is critically important.

In many areas, this value occupies an important role:

How to Calculate Velocity Angular?

Angular velocity (ω) can be summed by employing the procedure that relates the change in angular removal (Δθ) to the change in time (Δt) during rotational motion. The method for calculating angular velocity is as follows:

ω = Δθ / Δt


  • ω - angular velocity in rad/s or °/s.
  • Δθ - transformation in rad or °.
  • Δt - change in time in seconds.

This method is helpful when you cannot access a velocity angular calculator.

How to Use the Velocity Angular Converter?

It's straightforward enough; observe the education to operate angular velocity calculator:

  • Document the matters to be reversed and set the required height values.
  • The Angular Velocity conversion calculator will compute everything and provide the expected outcome.