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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Moment of Force?

The force can act linearly or at an angle but if we take one point as an object we can always apply to it Newton's laws and perform different calculations. However, when we have a body with a certain shape and size, the task becomes more complex.

In such a case, the moment of force is used instead of just summing up the values. In addition to the force itself, we will need its lever arm as the shortest distance from a body to the line of its action. Thus, the moment is a kind of rotational action.

How to Calculate Moment of Force?

It is measured in Newton meters. One N⋅m corresponds to 1 N that acts on a lever arm 1 m long.

Thus, if 700 N is applied at a distance of 3 m, it creates a M = 700×3 = 2100 N⋅m.

As many English-speaking countries measure the length in various national units, this value can also get feet and other options instead of meters.

How to Use the Moment of Force Converter?

A moment of force calculator is a free online tool available without registration. Everyone can open a desktop or mobile version and perform any required calculation.

Steps of moment of force conversion

  • Open the page for conversion.
  • Select the required initial and final units.
  • Fill in the value.
  • Push the Convert button.
  • Get an instant result.

Advantages of a moment of force converter

This tool is quick and accurate, based on modern algorithms. It does not have any limits and is always available.