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As torque can be measured in different units according to the needs and the situation, a modern online Torque Conversion Calculator is the best tool to perform any such task quickly and without any mistakes.

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The most used and popular units of torque conversions are presented for quick and free access.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Torque?

Physics considers torque as the rotational analogue of linear force. It can be also called the moment of force and describes how an angular momentum for an isolated body changes.

This concept is known since Archimedes’ time when the levers appeared. If a linear force is applied directly to a body, a torque is a kind of twist applied from some point.

According to the definition, it is the force multiplied by the distance of its line of action. It is designated with the letter τ.

How to Calculate Torque?

The calculation itself is quite simple and the formula for this value looks as follows:

τ = r x F

The standard unit is a newton-meter (N⋅m). It was applied traditionally and has not been changed. In addition, in the USA and other countries, one may encounter the pound foot (lbf-ft) unit as a usual option and the pound inch (lbf-in) for tiny values.

In such a case, a special Torque conversion formula will be required that utilized the ratio between all these units.

How to Use the Torque Converter?

A Torque unit Converter is available online as a desktop or mobile version. It does not require registration.

Steps of the conversion

  • Open the needed calculator.
  • Select the units From and To you want to do an operation.
  • Fill in the initial value above the From table.
  • Click the Convert button.
  • Get an instant error-free result right on the screen.

Benefits of an Online Torque Converter

This convenient tool has a user-friendly interface and is absolutely free for everyone and any number of operations.