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Lumen, candela per square meter, bril, blondel, lambert - these are only a few units related to luminance and its measurement. If you are not sure of their values, a luminance converter will help to perform any operation with them.

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The most used and popular units of luminance conversions are presented for quick and free access.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Luminance?

Luminance is the ratio of the light flow carried in a beam of rays to its cross-sectional area. Thus, the main units are cd/m2.

This characteristic is related to visual sensations. The distribution of luminance influences the quality of what we see and visual comfort. Thus, in complete darkness, a person reacts to a value of one-millionth of a cd/m2. While a fully luminous ceiling with a brightness of more than 500 cd/m2 causes discomfort.

The sun is characterized by about a billion cd/m2 and a fluorescent lamp provides 5000-11000 cd/m2.

How to Calculate Luminance?

In the international system, the luminance is measured in candelas per square meter or cd/sq.m or cd/m2. In addition, there are other options that can be utilized for this purpose such as lambert (Lb), stilb (sb), apostille (asb), etc.

For the conversions, one needs to keep in mind all the ratios between them. For instance, 1 asb corresponds to 1/π × 10−4 sb and this is equal to 10−4 Lb

How to Use the Luminance Converter?

To perform a Luminance Conversion, one needs to open a dedicated page in a mobile or desktop version. It has an understandable user-friendly interface.

What are the steps of conversion?

  • Open a page with a Luminance Calculator.
  • Select the initial units and those that you want to get in the tables on the left and on the right correspondingly.
  • Fill in the initial value and click on the Convert button.
  • A result appears on the screen.

Is this tool free?

Yes, such a calculator for luminance is available for everyone without any fees.