Radiation-Absorbed Dose Converter

Different radiation dose conversions may be difficult due to the numerous options that are used in practice and their specifics. For example, a radiation absorbed dose converter perfectly helps to deal with grays, rads and more.

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The most used and popular units of radiation-absorbed dose conversions are presented for quick and free access.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Radiation-Absorbed Dose?

At first, the effect of ionizing emission was measured in the air and evaluated as an exposure effect only. However, later appeared that it is much more complex and diverse. For instance, different physicochemical changes appeared in the affected substance due to a certain effect, which was not directly proportional to the exposure.

Therefore, the concept of absorption arose as the evaluation of energy that was taken by the substance.

How to Calculate Radiation-Absorbed Dose?

This dose shows the amount of energy absorbed per unit mass of the substance. It is determined by the ratio of the absorbed energy of ionizing radiation to the mass of the object.

The standard unit for this measurement is Gray or Gy for short. One Gy is equal to the dose at which 1 joule of ionizing radiation energy is transferred to a mass of 1 kg. One more non-systematic unit is the rad. 1 Gy corresponds to 100 rad.

How to Use the Radiation-Absorbed Dose Converter?

When you open a radiation dosage calculator, you will see a simple interface, where in a few clicks everyone can get a perfect correct result.

How to perform an operation?

  • Open the conversion of absorbed radiation dose to the original value on the left side of the page.
  • Click the Convert button.
  • Enjoy an instant result without mistakes.

Benefits of an online calculator

This tool is not only easy to use and available for anyone but it is also convenient and provides a large number of different options for conversions of any complexity.