Convert candela/square meter to lambert

How to Convert candela/square meter to lambert

To convert candela/square meter to lambert , the formula is used,
where the candela/square meter to lambert value is substituted to get the answer from Luminance Converter.
1 candela/square meter
0.0003 lambert
1 lambert
3183.1 candela/square meter
Example: convert 15 candela/square meter to lambert:
15 candela/square meter
0.0003 lambert
0.0047 lambert

candela/square meter to lambert Conversion Table

candela/square meterlambert
0.01 candela/square meter0.000003142 lambert
0.1 candela/square meter0.000031416 lambert
1 candela/square meter0.000314159 lambert
2 candela/square meter0.000628319 lambert
3 candela/square meter0.000942478 lambert
5 candela/square meter0.001570796 lambert
10 candela/square meter0.003141593 lambert
20 candela/square meter0.006283185 lambert
50 candela/square meter0.015707963 lambert
100 candela/square meter0.031415927 lambert
1000 candela/square meter0.314159265 lambert

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