Convert meter/second to foot/second

How to Convert meter/second to foot/second

To convert meter/second to foot/second , the formula is used,
where the m,s to ft,s value is substituted to get the answer from Speed Converter.
1 m,s
3.2808 ft,s
1 ft,s
0.3048 m,s
Example: convert 15 m,s to ft,s:
15 m,s
3.2808 ft,s
49.213 ft,s

meter/second to foot/second Conversion Table

meter/second (m,s)foot/second (ft,s)
0.01 m,s0.032808399 ft,s
0.1 m,s0.32808399 ft,s
1 m,s3.280839895 ft,s
2 m,s6.56167979 ft,s
3 m,s9.842519685 ft,s
5 m,s16.40419948 ft,s
10 m,s32.80839895 ft,s
20 m,s65.6167979 ft,s
50 m,s164.0419948 ft,s
100 m,s328.0839895 ft,s
1000 m,s3280.839895 ft,s

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