Convert meter/second to mile/minute

How to Convert meter/second to mile/minute

To convert meter/second to mile/minute , the formula is used,
where the m,s to mi,min value is substituted to get the answer from Speed Converter.
1 m,s
0.0373 mi,min
1 mi,min
26.822 m,s
Example: convert 15 m,s to mi,min:
15 m,s
0.0373 mi,min
0.5592 mi,min

meter/second to mile/minute Conversion Table

meter/second (m,s)mile/minute (mi,min)
0.01 m,s0.000372823 mi,min
0.1 m,s0.003728227 mi,min
1 m,s0.037282272 mi,min
2 m,s0.074564543 mi,min
3 m,s0.111846815 mi,min
5 m,s0.186411358 mi,min
10 m,s0.372822715 mi,min
20 m,s0.745645431 mi,min
50 m,s1.864113577 mi,min
100 m,s3.728227153 mi,min
1000 m,s37.28227153 mi,min

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