Convert kilocalorie (th) to calorie (th)

What is a kilocalorie?

A kilocalorie is a derivative of calories. To understand its meaning we should first state that a calorie equals the amount of energy that makes one gram of water warmer by 1°C at standard pressure. The term has a Latin origin and the word calor initially meant heat.

Furthermore, the energetic value of food is usually measured in larger units such as kilocalories. One kcal corresponds to 1000 calories. The latter has several estimations in joules. For instance, international cal equals 4.1868 J and thermochemical or th one corresponds to 4.1840 J. Therefore, kcal (th) will have the meaning of 4184.0 J.

It should be noted that dietology and other related areas often omit the prefix kilo- and utilize a calorie with a meaning that corresponds to a kilocalorie. This happens due to historical reasons, since earlier the terms small and large calories were officially used.

What is a calorie?

Calorie is a metric that was introduced to evaluate heating parameters. It reveals its amount needed to make 1 gram of water warmer by 1°C under standard pressure. Three varieties of this unit are defined and used, namely:

  • international cal that was established as equal to 4.1868 J;
  • thermochemical or cal (th) that equals 4.1840 J;
  • 15-degree calorie that corresponds to 4.1855 J.

As we can see, these options differ by less than 0.07%, so they are interchangeable in measurements that do not require high accuracy.

During the last century, calories were common for energy, work and heat evaluation. Nowadays despite the transition to the standard system, they are still utilized in the heat and power industry, for heating systems and utilities. In addition, other units are derived from them like kilo- and gigacalories that allow describing bigger quantities of heat in a convenient and easy-to-use way.

How to Convert kilocalorie to calorie

Contemplate employing straightforward instructions to convert kcal to cal. The connection among these elements is that 1 kilocalorie = 1,000 calories. Here's how to transform kilocalories to calories employing uncomplicated instruction: Instructions for kcal to cal Transformation: Cal = Kcal × 1000

These instructions are founded on the reality that "kilo" in the metric method represents an element of 1,000.

Step-by-Step Modification:

  • Choose the numeral you enjoy to transform from kcal to calorie.
  • Operate the instructions: Breed the number of kilocalories by 1000 to receive the comparable calorie importance.
To convert kilocalorie (th) to calorie (th) , the formula is used,
calorie (th)=kilocalorie (th)×1000
where the kcal (th) to cal (th) value is substituted to get the answer from Energy Converter.
1 kcal (th)
1000 cal (th)
1 cal (th)
0.001 kcal (th)
Example: convert 15 kcal (th) to cal (th):
15 kcal (th)
1000 cal (th)
15000 cal (th)

How many kilocalorie in a calorie

One kilocalorie is analogous to 1,000 calories. "kilocalorie" is usually employed in nourishing contexts, while "calorie" generally directs to the more undersized unit of power utilized in chemistry.

Illustration: 100 cal, it's comparable to 0.1 kcal: 100 cal = 0.1 kcal So, to transform from kilocalorie to calorie, you separate by 1,000.

kilocalorie (th) (kcal (th))calorie (th) (cal (th))
0.01 kcal (th)10 cal (th)
0.1 kcal (th)100 cal (th)
1 kcal (th)1000 cal (th)
2 kcal (th)2000 cal (th)
3 kcal (th)3000 cal (th)
5 kcal (th)5000 cal (th)
10 kcal (th)10000 cal (th)
20 kcal (th)20000 cal (th)
50 kcal (th)50000 cal (th)
100 kcal (th)100000 cal (th)
1000 kcal (th)1000000 cal (th)

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