Convert joule to megajoule

What is a joule?

Joule is a metric that is utilized for the evaluation of work, heat and energetic levels and has international recognition. Its definition tells us that it corresponds to the work done by a 1-newton force, which moves mass for 1 meter in the force’s direction. Therefore, one J equals one N per m or one kg x m² x s-².

It is also applied in electrical area and means the work of the force of an electric field done for 1 second at a 1-volt voltage to keep the stability of a 1-ampere current.

The term was introduced at the Second International Congress of Electricians, held in the year of Joule's death and was recognized internationally nine years after this event. From that time, one international joule equals 1.00020 absolute units. Later, this unit was also applied as the standard and belongs to the metrics applicable worldwide.

What is a megajoule?

A unit that is called megajoule is a joule’s derivative and belongs to the standard system applicable in different countries all over the world. It was introduced at the Second International Congress of Electricians and nine years got international recognition.

It is applied for the evaluation of work, heating and energetic features and means the work done by a 1-newton force, which moves mass for 1 meter in the corresponding force direction. One J has the same meaning as one newton per meter and one kg x m² x s-².

As for the megajoule or MJ for short, it has the same physical meaning but a larger numeric value. The prefix mega stands for 106. Therefore, one MJ corresponds to 106 J or 1000000 J. It is applied in various calculations and is convenient for scientific and industrial tasks that deal with big numbers.

How to Convert joule to megajoule

To convert j to mj, you might utilize the subsequent instructions and techniques:

  • Employing Metric Prefixes: The metric method utilizes prefixes to denote multiples of ten. In this matter, "mega- '' signifies an aspect of 1 mln. So, 1 mgj is analogous to 1mln j. The joules to megajoules transformation are evident: 1 MJ = 1,000,000 J.
  • Direct Division: To transform from joules to megajoules, separate the matter in joules by 1 mln.

For illustration, 5,000,000 j of power is analogous to 5 mj. These techniques allow you to transform energy measures between joules to mj without depending on online usefulness, making it suitable for various scientific and engineering applications.

To convert joule to megajoule , the formula is used,
where the J to MJ value is substituted to get the answer from Energy Converter.
1 J
0 MJ
1 MJ
10000e+2 J
Example: convert 15 J to MJ:
15 J
0 MJ
0 MJ

How many joule in a megajoule

A J is 1/1,000 of a MJ. In other words, there are 1,000 j in a mj. For illustration, a power stature of 3,000 joules is comparable to 0.003 mgj (3,000 J / 1,000,000 J = 0.003 MJ).

joule (J)megajoule (MJ)
0.01 J1e-8 MJ
0.1 J1e-7 MJ
1 J0.000001 MJ
2 J0.000002 MJ
3 J0.000003 MJ
5 J0.000005 MJ
10 J0.00001 MJ
20 J0.00002 MJ
50 J0.00005 MJ
100 J0.0001 MJ
1000 J0.001 MJ

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