Convert gigabyte to kilobyte

What is gigabyte?

Before describing Gigabytes and their meaning, we have to move through the binary system and its special metrics.

Thus, a bit is the smallest option with only two meanings, like 0 or 1. It is used as a base for other options. Eight bites comprise one byte when they go one after another. Such a chain encodes some character.

The next step is 210 kilobytes. It corresponds to 1024 bytes. This is because of the special features of this system. Then, goes a megabyte or 1024 kilo- or 1048576 bytes.

A Gigabyte, in turn, is 1024 mega or 1048576 kilo units. In bytes, the number will be even longer, namely 1073741824, more than a billion. It is clear that such large amounts of information are simply inconvenient to record in small units.

This metric is referred to as GB or GByte. For example, a video can weigh several GB.

What is kilobyte?

A Kilobyte is a metric based on bytes that is utilized to describe the information. It means 210 that corresponds to 1024 bytes and is referred to as kB. Why is the calculation done like this?

The main calculations are carried out in the binary system, where each bit (or byte, depending on the computer) is its digit. An increase in the amount of information means an increase in bit depth: 1, 10, 100 in the binary system and so on.

All these numbers are powers of two. 100 is 4, 1000 is 8, and so on. Therefore, the calculation is carried out in powers of two and each power corresponds to a certain category.

Of course, in the case of kilobytes, we are talking about bytes, not bits, but the rule about powers of two still stays applicable. Thus, although the prefix kilo means thousand, in the context of the amount of information it is 1024.

How to Convert gigabyte to kilobyte

To Convert GB to KB you might operate the following instructions and strategy without relying on online benefits:

  • Understand the Transformation: 1 GB in KB equals 1,024 MB. 1 MB equals 1,024 KB.
  • Operate the modification instruction: GB to MB: GB × 1024 = MB. MB to KB: MB × 1024 = KB.
  • Recognize this technique authorizes you to restore gigabyte to kilobyte employing uncomplicated unit modification and a fundamental understanding of the metric technique.
To convert gigabyte to kilobyte , the formula is used,
where the GB to kB value is substituted to get the answer from Data Storage Converter.
1 GB
10485e+2 kB
1 kB
9.5367e-7 GB
Example: convert 15 GB to kB:
15 GB
10485e+2 kB
15728e+3 kB

How many gigabyte in kilobyte

The dissimilarity between GB to KB lies in their storage capability. For representatives, a file height of 1 GB is comparable to 1,048,576 kb. Gigabytes are especially more extensive in storage capability than kilobytes, used for more miniature files and data warehouses.

gigabyte (GB)kilobyte (kB)
0.01 GB10485.76 kB
0.1 GB104857.6 kB
1 GB1048576 kB
2 GB2097152 kB
3 GB3145728 kB
5 GB5242880 kB
10 GB10485760 kB
20 GB20971520 kB
50 GB52428800 kB
100 GB104857600 kB
1000 GB1048576000 kB

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