Convert gram/minute to pound/second

How to Convert gram/minute to pound/second

To convert gram/minute to pound/second , the formula is used,
pounds/second=grams/minute×1453.59237 grams÷1 pound×160 seconds
where the g,min to lb,s value is substituted to get the answer from Flow - Mass Converter.
1 g,min
0 lb,s
1 lb,s
27216 g,min
Example: convert 15 g,min to lb,s:
15 g,min
0 lb,s
0.0006 lb,s

gram/minute to pound/second Conversion Table

gram/minute (g,min)pound/second (lb,s)
0.01 g,min3.674371036e-7 lb,s
0.1 g,min0.000003674 lb,s
1 g,min0.000036744 lb,s
2 g,min0.000073487 lb,s
3 g,min0.000110231 lb,s
5 g,min0.000183719 lb,s
10 g,min0.000367437 lb,s
20 g,min0.000734874 lb,s
50 g,min0.001837186 lb,s
100 g,min0.003674371 lb,s
1000 g,min0.03674371 lb,s

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