Convert hectojoule/second to horsepower (electric)

How to Convert hectojoule/second to horsepower (electric)

To convert hectojoule/second to horsepower (electric) , the formula is used,
hp (electric)=hectojoule/second×0.0135967378125
where the hJ,s to horsepower (electric) value is substituted to get the answer from Power Converter.
1 hJ,s
0.134 horsepower (electric)
1 horsepower (electric)
7.46 hJ,s
Example: convert 15 hJ,s to horsepower (electric):
15 hJ,s
0.134 horsepower (electric)
2.0107 horsepower (electric)

hectojoule/second to horsepower (electric) Conversion Table

hectojoule/second (hJ,s)horsepower (electric)
0.01 hJ,s0.001340483 horsepower (electric)
0.1 hJ,s0.013404826 horsepower (electric)
1 hJ,s0.134048257 horsepower (electric)
2 hJ,s0.268096515 horsepower (electric)
3 hJ,s0.402144772 horsepower (electric)
5 hJ,s0.670241287 horsepower (electric)
10 hJ,s1.340482574 horsepower (electric)
20 hJ,s2.680965147 horsepower (electric)
50 hJ,s6.702412869 horsepower (electric)
100 hJ,s13.40482574 horsepower (electric)
1000 hJ,s134.0482574 horsepower (electric)

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