Convert kilogram to gram

What is a kilogram?

A kilogram is a systematic unit for mass determination. It belongs to the basic options that are known and utilized worldwide and is equal to 1000 g.

To determine exactly what is 1 kg, scientists developed a special object in the XX century. It was a platinum and iridium cylinder with dimensions of 39 mm. It was set in France and copied for other countries to compare and determine masses.

Thus, until 2019, a kilogram was any subject with the same mass as this standard. However, it appeared that its value could change over time. Therefore, scientists decided to redefine kilograms and base a new definition on Planck's constant. This decision was realized in 2019.

Nowadays an old standard becomes a museum’s exhibit. Still, it changes basically nothing for ordinary users as the understanding of a kg and its relation to other units stays the same.

What is a gram?

During ancient times, our predecessors were constantly looking for some standards for mass determination. It was easy and practical to evaluate mass in comparison with some grains or seeds of plants. Then, they were replaced by coins made of different metals.

However, not all these options were precise and they also differed in counties and regions. These were the reasons for the development of a gram as a unified option in the 18th century. According to the definition, 1 g was equal to the mass of 1 cm3 of distilled water. The measurement must be made at 4 °C temperature and one atmosphere pressure.

Later, grams were replaced by kilograms as a new more convenient standard. For them, a special object was created for comparison and determination of mass. Still, grams were also left for measurements and nowadays 1 gm is considered as 1/1000 of a kg.

How to Convert kilogram to gram

Convert kg to g is just as straightforward, even without employing online instruments:

  • Instructions: The g digit equals the kg number multiplied by 1000. To transform kilogram to gram, you must handle the kg by 1000.
  • Utilizing a transformation plain: Some plains permit you to transform kg to g fast and efficiently. Discover a table that shows the elements for changing kilograms into grams. See the numeral of kg in the table and match it to the interconnected weight in g.
To convert kilogram to gram , the formula is used,
where the kg to gm value is substituted to get the answer from Weight and Mass Converter.
1 kg
1000 gm
1 gm
0.001 kg
Example: convert 15 kg to gm:
15 kg
1000 gm
15000 gm

How many kilograms in a gram

1 kg to g = 1000 g. The distinction among grams and kilograms is the magnitude of their masses. Grams symbolize more diminutive masses, while kg conveys more extensive multitudes. For illustration, a little paper clip weighs about 1 g, equivalent to 0.001 kg. Contrariwise, a bag of flour may consider 2 kg, which = 2,000 g. Consequently, 1 g contains 0.001 kg.

kilogram (kg)gram (gm)
0.01 kg10 gm
0.1 kg100 gm
1 kg1000 gm
2 kg2000 gm
3 kg3000 gm
5 kg5000 gm
10 kg10000 gm
20 kg20000 gm
50 kg50000 gm
100 kg100000 gm
1000 kg1000000 gm

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