Convert ounce to pound

What is a ounces?

In ancient Rome, an ounce was utilized for mass determination and was approximately equal to 27.3 grams. The word itself meant one-twelfth and corresponded to one-twelfth of other units common for trade and the ancient monetary system.

One modern ounce or oz is determined as nearly 28.3 grams. This option is not a standard as an international system works with kilograms and their fractions. However, many English-speaking countries stick to it due to the tradition and utilize it for mass, weight and volume determination as 1/16 of a pound.

Thus, one can often encounter ounces in the USA and Great Britain. It is utilized for weighing packaged foods and postal items, for the determination of the density of cloth and paper, etc. Moreover, there is a troy ounce, equal to 31.1 grams, that measures the weight of precious metals. The ounce-force for force determination also exists and the fluid one allows working with volumes.

What is a pound?

A pound is an option for mass measurement that is known for centuries. The name itself has a Latin origin and means weight, bell or mass. The bell that was utilized determined the exact value of this option and therefore, in different countries and regions, pounds were different in meaning and range from 320 to 560 grams.

Even with such confusion, pounds were used as a standard option in many countries from 1747 to 1918. Later, they were replaced by grams and kilograms, for which the precise definition was determined.

Still, modern English-speaking countries often stick to pounds or lbs even nowadays. In this case, a pound is referred to as a unit equal to approximately 0.45 kg. European countries also have a metric pound that is taken as nearly 0.5 kg. This makes calculations and understanding easier but the resulting values are always not precise.

How to Convert ounces to pounds

If you wonder how to transform ounces into pounds, you should remember that these units are traditional and non-standard and have their own meaning. Moreover, an ounce can be solid or liquid which has also to be taken into account.

When we talk about oz to lbs transformation, we think about solid oz and their number in a pound is 16. Therefore, to transform oz to pounds, one has to:

  • divide the given number by 16;
  • multiply it by 1/16.

Thus, you can divide 10/16 = 0.625 or multiply 10 x 0.0625 = 0.625. The result is the same, just select a more suitable multiplier.

To convert ounce to pound , the formula is used,
where the oz to lbs value is substituted to get the answer from Weight and Mass Converter.
1 oz
0.0625 lbs
1 lbs
16 oz
Example: convert 15 oz to lbs:
15 oz
0.0625 lbs
0.9375 lbs

How many ounces in a pound

As we have already mentioned, we have 16 ounces in a pound. That is exactly the number you need for any type of calculation made with these units.

ounce (oz)pound (lbs)
0.01 oz0.000625 lbs
0.1 oz0.00625 lbs
1 oz0.0625 lbs
2 oz0.125 lbs
3 oz0.1875 lbs
5 oz0.3125 lbs
10 oz0.625 lbs
20 oz1.25 lbs
50 oz3.125 lbs
100 oz6.25 lbs
1000 oz62.5 lbs

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