Convert liter to cup (US)

What is a liter?

A liter is a unit of volume, part of the metric technique of measures. It is marked as "l" and is analogous to 1/1000 of a cubic meter. The l is split into ml, where one liter is similar to 1 thousand milliliters. This technique produces calculating the volume of liquids and dehydrated fabrics such as water, oil, and many others comfortable.

Liters are widely employed worldwide to calculate the importance of liquids and dry fabrics. They are operated in various industriousness, including cuisine, chemistry, medication, automotive, and even daily movements such as buying groceries at the shop or refueling your car. The metric method, including l, has become a standard in most nations, promoting multinational harmonization and employment.

What is a Cup (US)?

Cups are very common in American recipes and cooking. They are utilized for measuring both bulk products and liquids and they have their unique meaning. Thus, the volume of one Cup (US) is from 237 to 240 milliliters. It's also the same as half of an American pint.

In most cases, one US cup is taken as 240 ml to make the calculations and measurements more convenient. Since cups are a unit of volume, the weight of the measured products will be different. Therefore, while cooking, you may need special tables for the proper conversion of amounts of ingredients.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning that cups are not very accurate, for example, for flour. Its volume changes after sifting and grinding standards differ according to the country. The same happens with grated vegetables, fruits and cheese. Thus, one should be careful with cups and re-check the mass after taking the stated volume.

How to Convert liter to cup (US)

Convert liters to cups manually without relying on online. 1 liter to cups = 4.2267. To accomplish this transformation, you might employ the next instructions:

  • Cups=L×4.2267Cups=L×4.2267
  • For illustration, if you have 2 l of liquid, you want to transform a liter into a cup: C=2 L×4.2267=8.4534. So, 2 l is roughly analogous to 8.4534 cups.

This transformation is precious in cookery when you must adjust instructions that employ liters to a more familiar cup height.

To convert liter to cup (US) , the formula is used,
where the L, l to cup (US) value is substituted to get the answer from Volume Converter.
1 L, l
4.2268 cup (US)
1 cup (US)
0.2366 L, l
Example: convert 15 L, l to cup (US):
15 L, l
4.2268 cup (US)
63.401 cup (US)

How many liters in a cup

A liter to cup is a volume measurement with distinct uses. There is around 0.2366 l in one cup. For representative, if you have 4 cups of liquid, that's roughly equivalent to 0.9464 liters. Liters are widely employed for calculating liquid importance in the metric method. In contrast, cups are a typical volume height element in kitchen activity, significantly in the USA, infrequent in other governments.

liter (L, l)cup (US)
0.01 L, l0.042267528 cup (US)
0.1 L, l0.422675284 cup (US)
1 L, l4.226752838 cup (US)
2 L, l8.453505675 cup (US)
3 L, l12.68025851 cup (US)
5 L, l21.13376419 cup (US)
10 L, l42.26752838 cup (US)
20 L, l84.53505675 cup (US)
50 L, l211.3376419 cup (US)
100 L, l422.6752838 cup (US)
1000 L, l4226.752838 cup (US)

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