Convert teaspoon (US) to milliliter

What is a teaspoon?

An average teaspoon may contain up to 5 milliliters of some liquid. As a cutlery, it is utilized for stirring sugar in tea and eating desserts.

In addition, in medicine and cooking, a teaspoon is used for measuring mass and volume but not with a high precision level. In this case, it is widely accepted that it contains approximately 5 ml volume of any given liquid. Still, some countries have their own designations, namely:

  • 1 teaspoon corresponds to 4.93 ml in the US;
  • an English teaspoon means 3.55 ml.

As for the bulk products, there are special tables that contain the data on the quantities in grams that correspond to a teaspoon.

Therefore, when you see this unit in a recipe, it is recommended to check which type of teaspoon was meant and what is the amount of a liquid or bulk product that should be taken.

What is a milliliter?

If you need to measure a tiny amount of some liquid, you can do it using milliliters. These units do not belong to the standard systematic system but are still widely used in European and other countries. Such areas of life as medicine firmly stick to them and prefer them over all other options.

What does a milliliter mean? It corresponds to a 1/1000 part of a liter. The common designation for this option is mL.

If you want to imagine 1 mL, you have to think about a small cube with dimensions equal to 1 cm. Thus, it is the same as 1 cm3 that is a derivative of a systematic unit for volume measurement – a cubic meter.

In addition to their direct purpose, milliliters are also utilized for other derived physical units. For instance, density can be evaluated in g/ml3. Therefore, this option is quite common and popular.

How to Convert teaspoon to milliliter

You can use a simple formula or ratio to convert tsp to ml. One teaspoon is equal to about 5 milliliters (ml). Here's how you can calculate it:

  • Basic Conversion: 1 teaspoon to ml = 5 ml for quick and explicit modification. For illustration, you need to figure out 10 tsp to ml. 10 teaspoons multiplied by 5 ml/teaspoon will give you 50 ml.
  • Using a Measuring Cup: Use liquid and a measuring cup with ml markings, but you need to calculate in teaspoons; pour the drink into the measuring cup. Read the volume in ml from the cup. This will present the counterpart in ml.
  • Using a Syringe or Pipette: A syringe or pipette with milliliter markings is also advantageous for this transformation. Draw the liquid into the syringe or pipette and read the ml importance.
To convert teaspoon (US) to milliliter , the formula is used,
ml=teaspoon (US)×4.92892
where the teaspoon (US) to mL value is substituted to get the answer from Volume Converter.
1 teaspoon (US)
4.9289 mL
1 mL
0.2029 teaspoon (US)
Example: convert 15 teaspoon (US) to mL:
15 teaspoon (US)
4.9289 mL
73.934 mL

How many teaspoon in a ml

There is around 0.2 tsp in 1 ml, meaning 1 ml is analogous to 5 teaspoons. Teaspoon to ml measure importance, but ml offers a more precise height for liquids, while tsp is generally employed for inaccurate sizes in cuisine and baking.

teaspoon (US)milliliter (mL)
0.01 teaspoon (US)0.049289216 mL
0.1 teaspoon (US)0.492892159 mL
1 teaspoon (US)4.928921594 mL
2 teaspoon (US)9.857843187 mL
3 teaspoon (US)14.78676478 mL
5 teaspoon (US)24.64460797 mL
10 teaspoon (US)49.28921594 mL
20 teaspoon (US)98.57843187 mL
50 teaspoon (US)246.4460797 mL
100 teaspoon (US)492.8921594 mL
1000 teaspoon (US)4928.921594 mL

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